Documenting life through photography is a passion for me. My family sometimes wishes that I would forget my camera! A photography class in my senior year of high school initiated my love affair with photos. I learned by developing film in the dark room, many, many moons ago! However, I would never remember how to do it but admire and appreciate those that still do. I received my first digital point-and-shoot camera in 2006. Digital is so very forgiving – just delete what you don’t like!  Such freedom – I was off and running!  My husband upgraded me to a digital SLR for Christmas 2009. Canon EOS Rebel xsi.  Took LOTS of photos, but always in auto mode. Kept experimenting with manual mode but never satisfied. Finally, in January of 2011, I was able to enroll in a Digital Photography class at nearby Kutztown University. (Thank you, honey!!) Such a learning experience!  Being the oldest student in class did not deter me at all.  The energy and perspective of the young students was infectious – their creativity was awesome! Professor Talley laid out his expectations and requirements, always available for direction and support. The culmination of class was a photo book designed and created by each student. Prof. Talley told us to pick a subject we are passionate about. Easy for me : horses! (my OTHER passion!) If you’d like to check out the book, click on the link below.
Having accomplished a book, the photo bug continues to drive me forward, to take more photos, to become a better photographer, to create images that will affect others as much as it does me.  Hopefully, you will assist me in my efforts by contributing a quotation or commenting on the photos.  Please keep the comments in the realm of constructive criticism. Not that I can’t handle the negative, but I’d rather not waste anyone’s time with negative comments. Thank you and hope you stop by often!


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