Number 16 of 52

This Week’s theme: Create an Ad

“The right name is an advertisement in itself.” ~~~ Claude Hopkins

This week’s assignment was a definite challenge for me.  I never think like an advertising exec when snapping photographs.  I do always attempt to find the unusual, the overlooked, something that catches the eye for whatever reason.   Many times I drive past something, or someone, and quickly make a U-turn to try to capture a moment.  Which is exactly what happened with the above photograph.  Driving home from work that day, I caught sight of the horses in the field and then noticed the farmer sitting with his hat off, wiping his brow due to the heat.  Since moving to this area five years ago, I have NEVER seen a horse-drawn plow in use.  This was a real treat!  I immediately found a place to make my U-turn.  Now, I needed to find a spot with an unobstructed view that was not too obvious.  The Amish do not like having their photo taken so I try to be respectful of their privacy.  Only a few shots were available for me to take. 

While reviewing the shots for this week’s theme, I kept coming back to this one because it shows everyone in action.  It suggests to me a connection to the land, committment, a certain work ethic. That brought me to John Deere.  An American company celebrating its 175th year!  John Deere was born in Vermont in 1804.  In 1808, his father left for England to make a better life for his family but was never heard from again. Raised by his mother, he apprenticed himself and learned blacksmithing at the age of 17.  In 1837 he traveled alone to Illinois to make a new start.  Hard working and resourceful, his skills as a blacksmith were in great demand. The cast iron plows that the farmers brought with them were made for the light, sandy soil of New England, not the heavy prairie soil of the Midwest.  John Deere designed and forged a working steel plow, using a broken saw blade. Voila!  An industry was born!  This new plow would  be a significant development for the coming migration into the Great Plains.  The name ‘John Deere’ would become synonymous with agricultural equipment, while maintaining the core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.  Before long, just the name ‘John Deere’ would be an endorsement of those values.  It is doubtful that the Amish farmer in this photograph would replace his horse-power with a John Deere.  Undoubtedly, many a signature green/yellow piece of equipment can be spotted on farms and lawns everywhere.

If you’d like to see more of my photos, please scroll to the top of the page and click on the link for FLICKR.  It will bring you to all my public photos available for viewing. Click on page 2 for the most recent photos. Remember to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by!




4 comments on “Number 16 of 52”

  1. Not only do I like the picture, but I enjoy all the information you share. Nice job!

  2. Thanks – most of the time it’s fun putting it all together!

  3. I think you did a terrific job! John Deere would love it.

    • Thank you, Karen! I appreciate that you took the time to stop by. Now I need to ‘catch up’, I’m a few weeks behind in my postings…………….

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