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Jun 14 2012

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Focal Length:43mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

For 4/28/12 This week’s assignment: Eyes

“Those true eyes too pure and too honest in aught to disguise The sweet soul shining through them” ~~~ Owen Meredith

Initially I wanted to photograph my granddaughter’s eyes for this assignment.  I challenge anyone to NOT get lost her eyes, they are mesmerizing!  But, that would have been what was expected and I try to avoid that (lol).   So, I went into my archives looking for surrogate amazing eyes – and I found them!  This photograph was taken last October at a Halloween party, hence the face make up.  This is the eye of a very dear friend.  Her beautiful green eyes are many things at once.  They are reflective: of the love, compassion, emotion and intelligence contained within her being.  They are indicative: of the courage, strength, individuality and principles she practices and embraces.  They imply:  humor, wit, jocularity and an undeniable Irish mischief that cannot be refuted!  Her sweet soul shines brightly through her gleaming green eyes!

Some very interesting information about eyes from  “You can fake a smile…but the moves of the pupil of one’s eye are not consciously controllable, therefore, looking in someone’s eyes will help you see the true feelings of that person.  As you know, the eyes of lovers are “glittering”, this is true! Indeed it does happen that the pupil of the eye (it is the black spot inside the iris of the eye) is enlarged when you meet someone you like, but when antipathy is involved, the pupil will involuntarily shrink its dimensions. It is just like you would be looking into the light with wide open eyes; to protect your eyes, your pupil will reduce significantly and visibly in order to keep the excess light out so it would not hurt the eye, the same way when it is dark, the pupil “opens” to receive as much light as possible.  Therefore, if you want to know how the person in front of you really feels about you, take a good look at what happens with the pupil of her/his eyes.”  Good to know!!

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